Thursday, 7 October 2010

Book learning 62: 'The complete polysyllabic spree' by Nick Hornby.

Oh Nick Hornby.

You have been a good friend to me down the years.
I purchased 'Fever Pitch' on my twentieth birthday and devoured it in hours (those were the days, one had time to read a book from cover to cover in virtually one sitting)
You have churned out some sub par work, but one or two of your books have scarred me for life. I suppose if I were more Hornbyesque in my outlook I would probably list those books right here. I'm not so I wont, except the temptation has now overcome me so I will change my mind and give you that list.
My favourite Nick Hornby books.

1. Fever Pitch. Spawned lots of 'nowhere close' imitations and helped to put footy into the middle class consciousness (where it simply doesn't belong) but I loved it, it was so close to the bone it hurt.
2.High Fidelity. Listmaker once asked me which fictional character I though he most resembled (or something like that) My instant response was 'Rob from High Fidelity'.
3. About a boy. I can't quite remember when I read this or what I liked about it but I do remeber being delighted by it.
4. The complete polysyllabic spree. This book has seen me through the most recent few weeks, the last few weeks of tired phonecalls, emails, huge cheques, last minute hitches, scared phonecalls, happy phonecalls, rearrangements and finally a move to a bigger, more elegant and civilised new home. I actively stalled on the last few entries as I was hoping to carry this book across the threshold of the new place. Needless to say I am now exploring many of the books that Hornby reviewed.