Monday, 3 January 2011

Book learning 64. The year of living Biblically by A.J.Jacobs

I've read the Bible. It took about 25 years and I didn't read it in order or with much guidance but I can calmly state that I have read the thing.

This book was purchased in a supposed light hearted attempt to see what the author made of it all. It became much more than that. An example would be the page and a half where he summarises the beliefs of Jehovahs Witnesses. Suddenly years of quiet prejudice against door knockers was cleared. In future when I hear them being slagged off in a mild backhanded way I will quietly step in on their behalf. The book was full of such insights. I passed it on to a dear friend.

I'm no churchgoer but I do have a respect for those who do, more importantly those who try to lead good, worthwhile lives. Apart from being a bit of a laugh this book made me think a little differently about some of the things I do.