Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Book Learning # 84 What Happened by Scott McClellan

I found this book in a box whilst sorting out other books around the house. It was one of those low priority, nagging jobs that had been waiting about six months to get done.
I picked it up and sifted through. By no means the best written of political accounts I have ever read but engaging enough. I was interested by his move from democrat to republican (a move many made during the 1980s) and his impressive career rise (Press secretary before 40).
I am sure that when this was first published it made an impact, I am sure that his viewpoint was  pretty insightful and interesting.
Right now it reads as a dated account of history. The narrative is simple enough but doesn't really hold your attention too long.
It tells us a few straightforward things about GWBush that we had pretty much already known.
He is a straightforward type of guy. Not super bright but not dim. Deferred to those around him, especially Rumsfeld and Cheney.

File under 'I cant wait for the Christmas books'

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Book Learning # 83 Chavs by Owen Jones

Data heavy yet thoroughly readable.
Challenged prejudices and assumptions.
Reinforced some misty, cloudy, put aside convictions.
Reminded me of some experiences I would much rather have forgotten.
Forced me to consider aspiration and that yes, it's really important.
Took me outside my comfort zone.
Even made me laugh a few times.