Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Book learning #88 Things the grandchildren should know by Mark Oliver Everett

The Eels are easily in my top five all time favourite bands. I am almost unable to fault any of the output of the past twenty years. Not only that, but I have found some crazy levels of personal and moral inspiration from the words uttered and written by Mr E. 

Seeing the band recently was one of the highlights of my gig going life. The evening was absolutely perfect, driving through a cold unseasonally wintery March evening to see them following a profoundly shitty day at a job I could not stand. I had yet to hear the latest album  so the gig was made the better by having to carefully listen to songs to see if I approved.

I approved.

Quite frankly, at my age, I should know better, very much better.
But, really, why concern myself with aging and all that is supposed to go with it?

I got this book for my birthday and read it swiftly. It covers the full run of human existence and offers some gorgeous nuggets of advice to any wannabe creative type. It is written in the style of the lyrics and accordingly, is a true joy to behold and enjoy.

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